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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Taxation & Company Law

The firm provides the required specialized services and formulate effective strategies which enable the organization to comply with the rules of the land. The services here can be broadly classified as follows:

Direct Taxation

  • Income Tax
  • Attending Tax Scrutiny and representation in Income Tax Department
  • Withholding Tax
  • Transfer Pricing

Indirect Taxation

  • Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  • Erstwhile VAT & Service Tax

& Assurance

Audit is a vital area for business. The firm takes care of all the audit requirements whether internal or external. The experienced accountants will evaluate the efficacy of the internal compliance mechanism of the company and ensure that all reporting needs are complied with.
This includes:

  • Statutory audit
  • Tax audit
  • Internal audit
  • Due diligence audit
  • Special investigation audit
  • Management audit
  • Certification work

Business Consultancy

The firm provides services to help the business owners to run their business smoothly and efficiently resulting in maximum profits. These services are structured to suit an individual client’s needs and requirements.
This includes:

  • Business planning
  • Market research & feasibility study
  • Profit maximisation strategies
  • Working capital optimis
  • MIS and decision support system

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Lot of businesses believe that non-core activities like finance and accounting could be outsourced to experts in the field.

The services here include – setting up of accounting system, cash forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, financial analysis, monthly management reporting, vendor reconciliation, regulatory compliances, asset accounting management, liaisoning with financial institutions / banks.

Start up

Any entrepreneur wanting to set-up business in India needs help of an expert. Most people start up in a business mainly because they have a good idea. The firm can help you evaluate your ideas and build a business plan to execute the idea.

The firm’s team of professionals will conduct an in-depth financial analysis on each aspect of your business. It also helps in creating financial model for the business.


For any business to be successful, it should have adequate supply of finances. This is especially true in case of growing countries like India. Businesses that are well-nourished economically operate efficiently and they are the ones that take advantage of the market during opportune moments.

The firm helps in determining right type of fund (Debt / Equity) and determining the quantum of finance. The firm also helps in raising the required funds.

Book Keeping

The firm provides services for maintaining records of financial transactions for all types of clients. This service includes writing of daybooks for sales/services, purchases and bank entries. It also includes booking of expenses and finalising data.

The recording of TDS and other statutory liabilities is also done to provide data for compliance of TDS and GST. This helps in preparing the books up to trial balance stage, which then is used in preparation of income statement and balance sheet.

Starting Business in India

The firm helps incorporate business in India in a way which best suits the requirement of the company. After incorporation and between starting of business, a list of registrations and licences are required from various government authorities.

The firm specialises in understanding requirement of each industry and getting all licences & registrations done in compliance of current laws. It also helps in preventing delays in starting business.

Transaction Advisory

The firm helps businesses in important transactions during their business life cycle. These include validating, financial, operational and strategic assumptions in business plans.

The firm has experienced professionals who help in conducting legal and financial due diligence. It also helps in structuring transactions in a manner which can bring tax efficiency and ease of transaction.